the total cost

We work on an ‘once off’ fee of £500 which covers you for all our services which range from finding you a car to support on all issues- ranging from compliancing and insurance to servicing and general queries. This fee is payable upfront and 100% refundable should you wish to pull out before you purchase a car.

But what is the total cost?

Before choosing to go ahead with buying an import the total cost of the process is considered. Once the bid price is in we will add up the total cost of the car to you, before you spend a cent, then it’s up to you.

Total costs include:-

  • Purchase of the Car
  • Telegraphic Transfer Fees (Bank fee to transfer money)
  • Shipping
  • Customs Fees and Charges
  • Import Duty and VAT
  • SVA Compliancing, MOT and Registration
  • Our Service Fee

Before committing to buy a car the full costs involved with importing will be discussed with our clients so there are no unexpected bills. An estimation will be given so the customer knows exactly what they are getting into. The key point is no hidden costs. For a further indication please look at and use our cost calculation tool.

All cost considered you will still be able to make substantial saving on buying an import through our agency rather than buying an import through a dealership. There is a risk involved in importing yourself and the process is complicated and bureaucratic (done deliberately to stop people from importing to protect our local car manufacturers and dealers!) If you don’t travel to choose the car for yourself or have someone to choose it for you, then the risk of getting a ‘bad car’ is too high to take. Also if you don’t know which cars you can or can not import, then, you could end up with a car you can’t drive.

Our agency minimises the risks to maximise your savings and the amount of car you buy for your money!