import process

The process of importing a car can be separated into the following six steps which cover everything from choosing the right model, to finding the best insurance when it has arrived.

Step 1: Choosing your car

Even with the range of imports on offer many of us know exactly the car we are after. If you arrive in the import market because you have recognised the value for money, performance and features of these vehicles, and are not sure about the make and model than we are more than willing to give advice.

Next you’ll need to decide on how much to spend with cars ranging from around £3000 to well over £35000. Whatever you decide our job is to get you the best possible car we can for the cheapest price.

Once you’ve decided on your budget and type of vehicle, have a look through the range of cars we have done profiles on. If the car you want is not in there or you want something really special then speak to us and we will try and accommodate your needs.

Step 2: Finding your car

This is where our company really comes into the picture. We have full time associates working in Japan who personally attend auctions to find and bid on your car. Once you have decided on the type of car and model you are after our buyers will search for and find that perfect car.

Step 3: Buying your car

When you are ready to buy we ask for our service fee of £500 pounds which is 100% refundable should a car of your liking not be found and you wish to pull out of the process. Once a suitable car has been found a report on the car and pictures will be sent to you via email or in person from us. You then decide, with our guidance, the price you would wish to pay for the car and then our associate will bid on the car on your behalf. Our aim is to get you the motor vehicle for the cheapest possible price. If your bid is successful, the importing process begins and you are immediately required to make the FOB payment for the car direct to the buyer by Telegraphic transfer at your local bank.

Step 4: Shipping

We will then organise for your vehicle to be shipped as soon as possible to your nearest port. You will be notified of the ship’s name and the arrival date. On arrival, shipping duties and taxes must be paid and then the car may be transported, ready for compliance.

Step 5: SVA Preperation and Testing

This is the process of making sure your car meets UK road safety standards. The car will be modified so it meets UK regulations, this process usually takes about 2 weeks. More information can be found under our import rules section.

Once this process is completed and the car meets UK standards then the car can be registered under the MOT system and a plate is fitted to the vehicle.

Step 6: Enjoy the pleasures of owning your car

At the end of the process you will have the car of your choice delivered to your door for the best possible price. We will provide all the ongoing support we can for you and your new motor vehicle. Our business only grows if our customers are happy; word of mouth is our best source of ‘advertising’. Any time you need advice or assistance with servicing, insurance or just want more information we will be glad to help you out. So your part in step 6 will be to show your new high performance import off to as many of your friends as possible and pass on our details.