the company

Here is a word from our director Bryan Buzzard about the profile of the company. Click on the links above to read more about the company, such as the services we offer, why you should go with us, our customer service policy and our service conditions.

Directors Word.

Our company is a relatively new company that has emerged from the great opportunity which has arisen for consumers to import cars under the current scheme in place in the UK.

I started out as a consumer who wanted a Japanese import for the look, performance and value for money that I just could not find in the local market. After looking at all the options I decided to look into importing a second hand car, direct from Japan. I had a lot of choice, with over 50,000 cars a week being auctioned off and I had no sales people pushing me into a purchase.

After a lot of research I found that it would be possible to import my own car and save a great deal of money in the process. I would know the background and specifications of the car, service and repair history and a full list of faults (if any) as well as any extras or modifications. Apart from the piece of mind that brought the best part was that I got to decide what I wanted to pay for it!

After a few successful imports my involvement in the industry saw an opportunity arise to go to Japan myself and work in the industry and see how it ran on the other side of the world. Working with an exporter in Nagoya I learned a great deal more about the process of importing/exporting motor vehicles. I would definitely find it hard advising people on something I had not seen for myself so this experience proved invaluable.

Importing cars from Japan is a rewarding process and I would like to share my experience and expertise with everyone, giving them the opportunity to choose and own their own import.

Bryan Buzzard

Director – Japan Performance Direct